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Trojan Horse

This will be a story about the Trojan horse. Not about the computing Trojan horse, but a tale about the wooden horse that was made by the Greeks during the Trojan War. The Greek army was besieged for ten years by the City of Troy.

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The horse from the movie “Troy”, a generous gift from the Warner Bros

During these ten years the Greek army was constantly fighting in many difficult battles. They became so tiered and they had only one thought on their mind, to get back home. How to return to their homeland was a big question. Among the military leaders there was one quite clever man. His name was Odysseus. Since they failed to take Troy by force, Odysseus came up with a plan. He and his soldiers built a huge, hollow wooden horse. As they pretended to sail away and give up, the Trojans pulled the horse into the city celebrating their victory.


What they did not know was that the horse was filled with about ten Greek warriors, who crept out of the horse that night, while the Trojans were sleeping. They opened the gates for the rest of the army, which in fact was not sailed away, but they were hiding behind the mountains. This was the ultimate victory for the Greek army. They entered the city of Troy and in just few minutes Troy was in flames. Troy was finally destroyed and the war ended.

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Now metaphorically, a Trojan horse means a stratagem or a trick that will cause a target to invite an enemy into a securely protected place. In computing, it is a program that seems to be harmless, but on the contrary, it is malicious.