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Horse Races

Today on the west of Ireland the Connemara ponies still runs free on that magical land. The Connemara Ponies are in fact small horses. Over the years they have been perfectly adapted to the wild countryside. They are strong boned and muscular, retaining the wild formation of wild horses. The Connemara Ponies have the strength to survive on their own in the natural rough country.

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There is that spirited Spanish horses were mixed with the native ponies of Ireland and thus this hardy breed was created. At the beginning of these crossbreeding the Connemara Ponies were used as pack and work animals for the need of the people in this rough and road less landscape. Although you can still find them on the fields on Ireland, today generally the Connemara Ponies are bred for riding.


Celtics loved racing horses and it was their favorite sport. Pony races are held throughout Ireland. Even though the jockeys are young boys and girls, the betting is serious business. However, part of the profits goes to charity.

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The first recorded Steeplechase was held right here in Ireland. Mr. O Callaghan raced against Mr. Blake jumping walls and fences, riding their horses across fields and farms. Some of the most popular steeplechases in Ireland take places at the Galway Races, which is held each year and lasts seven days. Many people gather daily to bet on their favorite horses. Some will win and some will lose, but to us Irish horses are always winners.