Eventing is one of the most popular equestrian sports. It is an Olympic discipline, in which the horse and the rider have to complete three tests.

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The first is the dressage test. During this test the horse and the rider are scored for the movements in walk, trot and canter. The suppleness and the fluidity of each of this movements separately is scored using a 0-10 point scale. Beside these movements, the paces and the position of the rider are also judged. When a movement is not executed then follow penalty points.


The second test is the cross country, which in fact is the main test of the eventing. Here the horse and the rider have to complete a course of 30 or 40 natural obstacles. The speed and the agility are essential for the success of this test. The horse and the rider will get 20 penalties points if the horse refuses to jump over a fence or if they run out of it. The couple will be eliminated if the horse refuses to attempt to jump a particular fence for three times in a row. They also have to finish the course within a given time. A rate of 0.4 penalty point per second over the time will incur if the couple fail to accomplish this mission.


And the third and final test is the jumping test. The good shape of the horse and the rider are putted on the test. Before the jumping test horses will be inspected in order to check their condition. After the cross country they have to jump around 12 obstacles without making any mistakes. Here too competitors have to finish the course within a set time. Time fault at a rate of even 1 point per second over the given time incur if the couple fails to do this. 4 penalties points go for a fence down and 4 points for a refusal. They will get elimination for 2 refusals, if the rider falls 2 times or if the horse falls.


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