Horses in Switzerland

The Swiss Warmblood horse is a breed that has a quite long history, dating back to the 10th century. The first stud book for this horse breed was founded in 1655 , while the second one was opened in 1784. However, the breed is not officially recognized until the 19th century when blood from the Anglo-Norman and Yorkshire Coach horse breeds was added to the local Swiss Warmblood stock and thus influenced the breed.


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A local Swiss Warmblood stallion called Bracken and mares of Anglo-Norman and Yorkshire Coach horse breeds were imported to the country and used to improve the athletic and sport qualities of the native warmblood horse breed.swiss_horse

The average height of the Swiss Warmblood horse can range between 15 – 16.2 hands high at the withers, while the weight of an average Swiss Warmblood is around 680 kg. You can see many coat colors among the members of the breed, such as: black, bay, dun, white, grey, champagne, roan and palomino. Pintos and appaloosas however, are not acceptable.

The members of the Swiss Warmblood breed are notable for their strongly built and nice conformation. They have small heads, which are well proportioned with alert. The chest is deep and wide, the withers are prominent, while the shoulders are long and sloping. The legs are long with well defined tendons and hard hooves.


Mostly the Swiss Warmblood horse is used for riding, as for competition and for pleasure riding equally. This horse is a wonderful companion and easily manageable. It is prized by many equine enthusiasts, intelligent and alert.

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